Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stumbleupon is great!

For a long time I've been using bloglines to keep myself informed. I have it set up with news sources from various countries from various perspectives for general news and plenty of specialized feeds too.

However it takes me a good hour to go through them each morning as I sip my coffee before the workout and to be quite candid I get bored with it. Not much seems to be new. However I have started to use stumbleupon and wow, what a difference, the internet has become much more fascinating. I keep finding new and interesting material every day.

Here's how stumble upon works. You put in your interests and then press the stumble upon key. It shows you what other people with similar interest find interesting. I'd recommend you use foxmarks and organize those interesting sites in your bookmarks. I'm not too organized but I've got folders and subfolders up the ying yang now. Stuff that might be interesting sometime in the future.

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