Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blankets and Trailers

Today I hear news that the trailers given to the Katrina victims to live in need to be destroyed because they have 5x more formaldehyde than the limit. These are the people the Republicans said, paraphrasing, "God removed those we've been trying to get rid of for decades". The insurance companies in most cases found excuses or delayed until the insured gave up. The Government was even worse. Now a few years later people have forgotten the whole mess. And so the trailers are scheduled to be destroyed and the victims thrown out. This organized governmental mean-spiritedness knows no bounds. Not even when we gave smallpox laced blankets to the Indians in the hopes of killing them were we so mean spirited. This new level of politics is so self destructive you'd think we've been invaded by another country bent on destroying us. Do our politicians get in to office because everybody is too scared to counter these disgusting bullies?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fidel Castro Vs Barak Obama

So Obama came out swinging saying he'll continue the embargo on Cuba. Stating it was totally undemocratic and unfair what Cuba has done to generations. I guess he forgot what the USA did to them up until Castro took back the country. Up until then the USA killed and abused the country as if they were a slave race. Fidel after hearing Obama spewing merely stated that despite Obama being the most progressive farsighted presidential candidate in 2008 he is still lacking. That prescribing the continuation of the embargo will ensure more suffering and hunger for Cuba.

Fidel seems to call most trends accurately long before they happen. Probably better than me. For instance a few years back he accurately described the problems with biofuel. Unfortunately any time he steps in and pontificates it's usually about something he has little control over. America merely stands up and says Fidel is crazy and contradicts him. Now however it's obvious to most people biofuel has caused world hunger and has not helped the green movement at all.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 3rd party presidential candidates

So we've got Hillary, McCain, and Obama. All of which will continue the war in Iraq for years and years. There policies are all remarkably the same despite their images. Their images are McCain will be there for 100 years and beyond. Hillary as carrying on the current policy. And Obama to leave. Looking closely you'll see they all say, in the fine print, they'll be there as long as needed and have no intention of leaving soon.

There are alternatives. Like Ralph Nader and tens of others. As can be seen at,_2008

The press will never give much if any press coverage to anybody but the Democrats and Republicans which they get their money from. You have to read up on these 3rd party candidates. Until people start voting for what they are really interested in, which they don't have the time for, we'll continue to get lobbyist owned Democrats and Republicans.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary out of control

This week was incredible. Hillary has compared her campaign to the blacks winning their freedom. Then she said she has to stay in the election because Obama may be killed next month in June like Kennedy was. She apologized for that so I guess even she saw that was way out. Then she compared the Jewish population in Florida to those living in Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

Then there are all those women who say the populace is sexist because they don't excuse Hillary for these incredible statements. I say if they want to find sexist problems they should invest in a mirror...

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Myamar Hunta Vs the Bush Hunta: Which is better?

Myramar, as they like to call themselves, or Burma as the rest of the World which doesn't seem to like them has been making the news a lot. I don't know anything about that country. However they are now letting other countries help them out after the big cyclone. Our western press has been saying their dictators were keeping out humanitarian help from outside sources because they were evil, evil, evil. Well they have now opened up to all the outside sources.

Compare this with Bush after Katrina. So many countries had boats with doctors and laborers lined up off the shore afterwards waiting to help. Bush never let them in because they were contrary to his political beliefs.

It's obvious on this point Myranmar/Burma is much more open than the USA.