Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Movie Review: Open Season

Big huggy grizzly finds happiness. Probably a good movie for children just starting to understand the language.

Movie Review: Employee of the Month

The cool under-achiever decides to become the star employee at a costco store to woo a girl. Why don't the girls ever attempt to woo the guy? Here is some ditzy girl unilaterally deciding what's cool and the guy trying to achieve it. Somewhere along the line he loses his friends because he isn't cool any longer. Somehow he can become the star at everything. Then loses the girl. Then wins back everything across the board. Unfortunately this movie is just another disney story rehash told in a slightly different way thousands of times a year. Don't waste your time seeing this mess.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Will this guy be any different?

It sure would be nice if they gave some details about what is going to be different. He seems to be saying the right things. If he manages to start developing contacts based on being helpful to the region rather than the kill and occupy idiocy of the current administration maybe he'll get somewhere.

Monday, January 29, 2007

jquery and smarty

I discovered two useful tools I'll be using:

I looked at the irc channel #CVS today. Not many people there and those that were there had attitude. Basically saying CVS is dead and go use SVN! So I looked at the #SVN IRC channel and it's really bustling. Over 200 people on it. Then I went to look for documentation and there was an online version of the book supported by the people who code SVN. Well the documentation looked sweet but it didn't have the basics, like how to start. Instead it said things like, see x or chap 5. Look at X and it says see the last part of chap 1. Look at chap 1 and nothing is there. Look at chapter 5 and it doesn't cover the subject. So I go back to #SVN and ask how do I check in files and somebody gave me bad information and then gave up and pointed me towards his help file which I'll use if I ever come back to SVN.

#### Creating a svn repository ####

// Create the svn repository where all the files and different versions will be keept
svnadmin create /www/svn/myproject

// Add directories for your main trunk and tags, and branches
svn mkdir file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk -m "adding the trunk directory"
svn mkdir file:///www/svn/myproject/branches -m "adding the branches directory"
svn mkdir file:///www/svn/myproject/tags -m "adding the tags directory"

// double check your repository
// list what is in your repository
svn list file:///www/svn/myproject/

// look at your repository info
svn info file:///www/svn/myproject/

// Import an existing project into your repository
cd /www/myproject/
cd ..
svn import myproject/ file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk -m "Importing my project"

// double check your prepository
svn list file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk

// check out your repository to the working directory
cd /www/myproject
rm -rf *
svn co file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk .

### Working with your checked out copy ####

// add a file and commit it to the repository
cd /www/myproject
touch my-test-file.txt
svn add my-test-file.txt
svn commit . -m "Added the my-test-file.txt"

// rename a file and commit changes
cd /www/myproject
svn mv my-test-file.txt my-test-file2.txt
svn commit . -m "Renamed my-test-file.txt to my-test-file2.txt"

// delete a file and commit changes
cd /www/myproject
svn rm my-test-file2.txt
svn commit . -m "Deleted my-test-file2.txt"

// List the changes locally and in the repository
svn status -u

// Making tags or branches
svn copy -m "Notes about the project"

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Review: Big Love, the complete first season.

I couldn't make it through a single episode. So I have no idea whether it picked up as the season progressed. It's about a Mormon man with three wives. A twisted hallmark card. Where you have the slow moving oh so righteous idiots matched up against the normal righteous idiots who have written the laws in America like 1 man to 1 wife. So one set condemning the other. I was disgusted because I have no desire to get involved with either set. Things like marriage, the military, casinos are all great institutions to help Darwin's theory out. They are non mandatory traps for those who can't think straight.

Why do people want to get married? So they can live unhappily ever after? If a guy or girl wants multiple partners then let em. Who wants to stick their nose into other peoples business? Not me. If they want to get married. Let them. If they want to marry four people of the opposite sex and 3 of the same sex... let em.

Oh wait. It's much harder to tax people in relationships like that. Got it.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Business idea: Cell Phones

This details how to connect asterisk to your cell phone so you can make free unlimited calling. The cell phone service costs $40 a month and you get to dial something like 5 numbers as often as you want. That's using tmobile.

Calling from the cell phone:
Cell phone calls a line on the asterisk box. Asterisk box then dials out using the internet so as not to tie up a phone line.

Calling to the phone:
If somebody calls the tmobile phone then it costs. Maybe it's possible to use a beeper. Or text messaging. I'm not seeing any unlimited dialing to a home number. If that were the case this would be solved.

Friday, January 26, 2007


They make it look so easy! Why am I always so tentative? My whole body seems to lock up. I can't go a whole day without being tired. Four days leaves me in the hospital. After that I'm just a basket case hanging out at the lodge. How the frick do they do it so easily?

I'm pretty sure it's because I was always way over my head. I need to take it easy. Go out with people who just want to play around. Have a good time. These kids got the right idea.

Mick Jagger...

Here's Mick singing in his youth singing his signature song. Much younger than what I remember him when I saw him in 81. I never thought of him as being so bony and feminine. He looks really bad. I wonder what all was running through his blood stream. The only person looking at all healthy is the drummer. The rest are spasd corpses. He needs to get some muscles, ditch the lipstick, get a hair cut, and lay off the drugs.

Or maybe that's what a healthy person looks like? Whatever, I don't want to ever have to look at another musician again. Too many of them look disgusting.

Movie Review: Relative Strangers

Stars: 0.
Another movie churning Disney style humor. The recipe quit working a long time ago. It is interesting to see Neve Campbell turn to blubber as each year goes by. To get an idea of what I mean look at her upper arm in the DVD cover. I was kind of feeling for the guy, a doc in anger management, until I remember a mixed doubles match where my opponents were an anger management doc and his wife. He came off so genteel before the game. Conducting a little meeting with us about how they played utterly fair. By the end of the match he was screaming at his wife and hogging all the balls telling his wife to stay in the corner and not hit any balls. With that experience in mind I enjoyed seeing this anger management doctor lose it. Too bad he was made out to be a good guy at the end of the movie. What do you expect out of a Disney movie though...

Movie Review: Fix It

Another brainless boy meets girl. This one is based on some guy who somehow can play himself off on women as being exactly what they want only to dash their dreams so badly they run back to their old boy friends. Or so the theme goes. As with all movies now days they throw out an idea that's totally underdeveloped and you are suppose to fill in the details. Didn't work. This guy is so stupid he couldn't plan out his day much less some way of breaking hearts so they run back to their old lovers. And if you think about it the idea of doing something like playing with others emotions and breaking their hearts is manipulative and very disgusting. Anyways of course he falls for the girl and they live happily ever after. Don't waste your time watching it. I want the time back I spent watching this movie.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

This was an interesting movie. Everybody in the extended family is a loser. They all take serious hits. Moral of the story seems to be you get the most out of life when you are encountering problems. Everybody gains by sticking together. It was painful to watch the idiocy and I paused it many times to make it through. Apparently this was one of the biggest movies of Sundance last year. I wouldn't bother watching this movie.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TBs of storage

I spent a significant amount of time yesterday looking at storage. I came to the conclusion eventually I'd want a rack with UPS running a FreeNAS box with SATA RAID powered by AMCC's 3ware 9650SE controller. See:

RAID 6 requires an 8+ port card and 2 disks for parity, 2+ disks for data, and a hot spare for a total of 5+ disks. That's $500 for the card and $750 for disks to get 1TB of space. This config is expandable to 2.5TBs. I think I'd take the last 500GBs and partition it into multiple drives for multiple bootups.


I looked at their site today wondering if I'd every want to use their products. So the first thing I looked for was support for my network printer. The Brother MFC-8660DN. Their site looks good giving the impression everything imaginable is supported. I couldn't find my printer though. They have an option to show all printers made by a company which I chose only to find my printer isn't there! They have an option to add a printer so I chose that. Entered in all the information I could find and hit save and exit. Well guess what. It doesn't allow you to add a new printer that there is no support for! No wonder it looks so good. My guess is that the information is added so they can secretly research it and then add something to make it look like it's supported. I'm not tempted to use Red Hat anytime soon.

Movie Review: Talladega Nights

I don't like Will Ferrell or Sacha Baron Cohen at all. In fact anything to do with those two will normally keep me away. The fat freak Ferrell actually did an excellent job in this movie. The first time ever. Cohen was his typical no talent ass he always plays. Always going for shock appeal. The cast though was pretty good. The blond ditz played her role well. The kids were good too. The father was horrible. The best friend good. The pit crew blended in nicely. Certainly a bubble gum movie but not totally horrible like I thought it was going to be.

Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane

This was such a horrible movie. I like Samuel Jackson but he's not enough to make anything good. Snakes on a Plane was just about the fear of snakes. So lots of suspense about things like getting bit in private parts while having sex in the bathroom. While holding a baby. Or a poor little doggy taking the bite while courageously fending snakes off the airhead owner. If this isn't scary enough they progressively make things worse. The plane has to go through a storm. When this gets boring then have the snakes unplug the avionics. Bite the pilots. Keep everbody off balance and flying through the cabin to turn up on the floor face-to-face with... Lose the lights! Blow a hole in the plane. Etc. You get the idea. It tries to push all the buttons and progrssively work through every angle. I only watched it because it's a cult movie and figured if Jackson was in it then it had to be a bit classy. Wrong! I feel so bad about wasting my time. Even though I ended up fast forwarding through it. Perhaps it's a good movie for little kids on dates. It gives them an excuse to reach out and touch...

I need a login system

Needs the following:

  1. Verification via email?
  2. Human test with a picture of a string.
  3. All done with HTTPS.
  4. Log IP address
  5. Use sessions.
I'd like to find an url on how to do this.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't use SHA-1 or MD5

What stands out in my mind is her age. She's 41 and she's cracked about every encryption algorithm known to man. That's a ripe old age for somebody to be creative. And to do it herself?

Considering the NSA has been hiring the best in the field for many decades I'd say she's not the first to crack this stuff. Teams of NSA people probably have done it all before. Privately.

I guess the best privacy is keeping it really private and not writing it down.

Movie Review: Gridiron Gang

Teenage kids bond in kiddy prison by playing football together. I did come away from this movie appreciating football a little more than I did before. I wouldn't recommend seeing it just for that though. In fact I don't recommend seeing it period.

Movie Review: Bandidas

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek play two sassy Mexican women out to save Mexico in much the same style as Zorro. It's a horrible movie. Made for kids who lust after women with boobs and no brains. I'm surprised Penelope Cruz suffered through this. Is she trying to destroy her career? It was filmed in 2006 and there's no reason for a star of her stature to start a career in B rated soft porn movies.

The movies all about the two girls and their looks. So lets delve into their looks. Salma Hayek, the co-star, has hips that are so wide they look like they belong on the under side of a spider. Penelope Cruz's body is much better but her face is aging though her big white eyes are beautiful. Both girls are made to look like they have lots of cleavage. They might give Dolly Parton competition in a fly squashing contest. You know, shrugging their shoulders to kill passing flies between their breats. Maybe they can find some men with big arms and little brains to appreciate them.

I'm half tempted to look up how well this movie did and the excuses Penelope gives for ahvign done the movie.

Movie Review: Le Samourai

Looks like it took place in Paris during the 60s or 70s. A young thin guy plays an assassin who seems to have it all. Kind of like a James Bond on the wrong side. The movie is one big bad plot. He steals duck-mobiles, french peugots, for use to get to the various places. For some strange reason they are always unlocked and alway use one of about 5 keys. (Though he has a keyring of about 100.) He takes the cars to a place that is always waiting for him that switches license plates. Again unrealistic. He kills the guy in his office and there are numerous witnesses. Why would any intelligent person expose himself? He has a psycho bird that loses feathers when strangers come around. Kind of like a canary for sniffing gas. Again it would have been much more realistic to just set the place up so you could see if somebody had been there. Turns out he has some sort of magical ability to find a bug in the place within seconds anyways if he's warned ahead of time by his canary. He always manages to take away another assassins gun even when he's unarmed. He can tell when somebody is tailing him because he once again has some unworldly power out of a comic book. On the other side of the inconsistencies he's able to deduce things which is enjoyable to watch. The strong points of the movie is it's in French and has a lot of scenery to bring memories back. Kind of like watching Miami Vice for the colors. It was a cheesey movie done with French flair and understatement almost saving it.

MoinMoin Wiki

To add documentation to the ubuntu community see the instructions here:

XM Radio

I'm not sure what to make of this. I've had XM with supposedly the ability to record, but I haven't figured it out, for over a year. I probably should but I just don't enjoy new music as much as I used to. Maybe I should spend the time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blockbuster Online

Last Saturday, 6 days ago, I signed up for Blockbusters Online service. Here's the way it's described. Half the price of normal library package of $30. A huge selection. Uses the postal service like Netflix where you get to have 3 movies out all the time but with two bonuses:

  1. Faster turn around. You get to return them to the local blockbuster for an immediate credit. You don't have to wait for the wharehouse to receive it from the postal system and then inventory it. As soon as the local store gets it they are suppose to ship the next movie on your queue.
  2. You are allowed to pick up another movie for free from the local store while waiting for the postal system to deliver your next dvd.
They sold it to me as it would only take a day or two for each one to arrive. Well it doesn't. I ordered 3 on saturday night. The first two arrived Tuesday which I promptly watched and turned back in. The third arrived on Thursday. These were all movies that were in stock and would supposedly be immediately shipped.
So to add insult to injury tonight, Friday night, I get an email from them saying they received the first two movies and are now shipping my 4th and 5th out. That was suppose to have been done last Tueday when I turned them in to the local blockbuster! What's going on here?
I went online and double checked the wording to make sure it was how I was told. It is. So I tried to contact them but they have no real contact information on the contact page. It should be renamed from "Contact Us" to "FAQ". Contrast this to Netflix which has the wharehouse hours and phone numbers prominently displayed on the home page.
Do they ship on Saturday? No where do they say anything about shipping on Saturday.

I originally assumed on average I'd get a movie every three business days. Figuring it would take on average two days to arrive and one day to watch. Now it's looking like 3 days to arrive, 1 day to watch, and 3 days to send back. So a little less than 1 movie per week.

Figure in the other 2 movies and the 3 exchange movies then you are getting about 6 movies a week for a totaly of 24 a month at $18 or 75 cents per movie. Compared to 61 movies a month at $27 for 46 cents per movie and limited to the local blockbusters inventory. Can't say I'm happy but this is much much better than Netflix.

Now Netflix is suppose to be doing something new with downloads but won't be available until June:

With Watch Now Netflix subscribers will be given a number of free viewing hours that is dependent on their respective subscription plans. Customers subscribing to the tune of $5.99 per month are given six hours of Watch Now content, while the $17.99 per month guy or gal will be hooked up with 18 hours of Watch Now content.

Using this service requires users to download and install a browser application to use the service. At this time this application only works on Windows PCs, not Macs, which leaves the author, a devoted Mac user and Netflix subscriber, out in the cold!

I have a hard time believing that they will sell anything at that price. The cost comes out to about $2 per movie. Blah! Time will tell.

Since then I've found there contact information:

Telephone Support is also available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Central at 1-866-692-2789

Solar power eliminates utility bills in U.S. home

This is an interesting article because:

  • It's the first house to be run completely by solar and hydrogen. There are many houses that run with solar and put the excess into the local grid. However this one converts the excess electricity into hydrogen which is then used in the winter. Perfect for those that are not near power grids.
  • Costs are mentioned.
  1. I'd like to know why he needs multiple hydrogen tanks. Perhaps it's a matter of economics, space requirements, shipping problems, whatever. I'd like to know.
  2. They mentioned it has a 25yr life expectancy. What needs replacement after 25 years? I know in today's world it's hard to say what the future holds but still I like to plan things that last forever given what we do know.
  3. It costs him 500K but apparently it can be done for only 100K which comes out to be about 4K a year instead of the 1.5K you'd be paying the power company. That's not bad at all. Still I'd like to know more about the costs.

Green Motorcycle?

Go read the article. I don't see any mention of distance. Just that it weighs half as much as a standard scooter and has huge amounts of torque to leave other motorcycles at the light. But a top end speed of 50mph? And an explanation that it can't have gears because it uses a motor?! Sigh.

To me it's a good proof-of-concept vehicle. I'm glad it will be on sale in a few months. It's a short step to powering both wheels to get maximum traction and a computer to keep the wheels from losing that traction. From that point forwards it's the future. Only small refinements like suspensions, efficiency, solar panels, changeable parts, power supplies and adapters, etc..

The Blame MySpace Movement Gathers Steam

I just checked out myspace for the first time earlier this week. Or was it last week? I was impressed. I have a few friends in need of partners. One who just paid over $2000 to meet 10 other poeple that supposedly are tailored exactly for her. Well the first three were duds and there is no SLA to it. Maybe she should sue. I know another person who meets women through international Vegan meetings. You'd think after a few years of long distance relationships he'd get a clue. Well from what I see of myspace you could have a new date every night of the week. Easily twice a week. I even saw a few people I know on myspace. Just incredible. I'm not surprised myspace is being sued. It's just too big not to be sued.

Now the interesting fact is that neither of these two people wanted to put up anything in myspace. I'm tempted to put sites up for them just to get them out of my hair. Unfortunately I don't think either would appreciate it so I don't. I like the idea though!

IE continues downward spiral

It's an interesting article because it sites multiple sources measuring browser share. IE7 is indeed quickly catching on and is currently #2 right behind IE6. However it's not making any dent on the the growing useage of FireFox or the overall decline of IE. I suspect people are just tired of having to code pages to first work for the standards and then come back a second time and make them work for IE quarks. I know I am, so much so that if somebody is using IE I redirect them quietly to some other random site. Here's the code I use on my web and I recommend it for everybody:

Z!--[if IE]>
Zscript type="application/javascript" >
Replace the 'Z's with '<'. I Had to use some other char since googles blogging software doesn't allow html mixed in.

Judy blue eyes?

According to this New Scientis article Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women because:

Because men with blue eyes are drawn towards blue-eyed women, and prefer to choose them as their partner because this can provide reassurance that the woman's babies are theirs too.
I just don't get it. Have they ever heard of DNA testing? Is it the man that chooses the women? Perhaps it's the other way around? Perhaps it's just happenstance based on geography. Are we going to start saying Chinese, Indians, etc., choose based on similar criteria? There are many much better explanations. Birds of a feather do flock together. People are much more comfortable with mates having common interests. I recommend this author read other articles written by colleagues, such as this one Folic acid supplements rejuvenate older brains and start downing pills. This is a good example why everybody should always question everything. Though I'm completely at a loss with what I would question first on this one...

Bush keeps on keeping on.

Bush has lost support of the Republicans, Democrats, and even the Military. Currently his only supporters are those too stupid to know any better due to age, either being too young or too old, are somehow profiting from it, or live in a cave. The quotes at this link Retired Generals Slam Bush's Iraq Planare devastating. Where's this going to end? When we can't afford to continue? What will come of it? Anything good? Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise?

Apple's iPhone, what's it good for?

The Linux Journal has an interesting article out today titled "2007 Begins with a Bang" where the author Glyn Moody says

Wow: has there ever been a month in computing like this one? A January distinguished by not one major announcement, not two, but four significant events that will surely go down as milestones in the history of technology.

I eagerly scanned for these significant events and found 1) Open source for SL. 2) The iPhone. 3) An upgrade to WOW. 4) M$'s Vista. I found it strange that the Linux Journal would post these views. After all, who cares about Vista other than game players. And who plays WOW and SL when there is so much fun in real life? That leaves just the iPhone. And really what's the iPhone other than a fad for game playing kids? It's going to be something that easily scratches, probably not even water resistant, has a built in non-replaceable battery, costs a fortune, and is limited to a single carrier. Well, here's what it is good for. Forcing the competition to lower their prices and offer more features in the hope to woo more sober people away from the iPhone fad. And we are just starting to see responses now like this one: unlimited mobile-to-home calling plan. Now say you run a PBX system on your home phone? You now have unlimited calling from your cell phone. The savings for a small business could possibly be astronomical. And this is just the first reaction to the iPhone. Maybe 2007 has begun with a bang, ironically.

SEO: How to: Disable googles personalized search!

Personalized searching is a great idea but I certainly want to turn it off at customer sites if they have it on. I'll automate it. But for those who want to turn it on or off check out this site:

EC snubs Microsoft

The future is here and Microsoft is not part of it. We've mpe got the European Commission, India, China, and all third world countries lusting after Linux to avoid M$. I'm betting Ubuntu will become the dominant OS shortly and in 10 years M$ will be a bad memory. Now it's all about VMWare, shared storage, redundant load balanced connections for useful apps to handle VoIP, home media, security, and automation.

The European Commission has added its voice to the debate about the use of open source software.

A report funded by the Commission concludes that the software could offer considerable savings to organisations with little effect on their business.

The report found that in "almost all" cases long-term costs could be reduced by switching from proprietary software produced by firms such as Microsoft.

Spot on!

For many years I've said the world will become a smaller place and peace will break out. It's hard to have wars when everybody can see the truth. Despite the best efforts of American media to keep the population brain washed. Bush though was just what America needed. Somebody so corrupt that people feel the need to start writing blogs and looking past the fabrications on the news channel to get to the real truths:

Americans are increasingly using the internet as their primary source of political news, a study has found.

The report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project also found that more people are contributing to political debate via their own blogs.

Global Warming: Storms in Europe

I read through this and didn't think much of it. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with global warming. Storms like this go by every few years. Big deal. I wish I were there to see them up close!

Iran: Snubbed?

It's surprising people still find this newsworthy. We've been ridiculing and snubbing Iran consistently and repeatedly. Like the cool kids at junior high making fun of the smaller kids. Now however it's coming to the light since the Bush team's sanity is being questioned at every turn by their gross failures:

Tehran proposed ending support for Lebanese and Palestinian militant groups and helping to stabilise Iraq following the US-led invasion.

Offers, including making its nuclear programme more transparent, were conditional on the US ending hostility.

But Vice-President Dick Cheney's office rejected the plan, the official said.

China's SSM testing

China tested a Surface to Space Missle, which I'm coining the term SSM for, to destroy a weather satellite. It's interesting to watch. I'd be concerned if large scale war were a reality in today's world. Knowing nuclear bombs would destroy the planet keeps possible aggression limited to small regions. I for one would gladly destroy the planet rather than be invaded. So though this test is worrisome in the larger picture it's acceptable.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chavez to become dictator?

There aren't many people who get imprisoned by a CIA coo only to have the people rise up and set them free. Chavez is loved by everybody outside of the Oil barrons that rule in the USA. So why this nonsense? Is it just western media demonizing him? I'll be watching to see how this plays out.

Mr Chavez began his third term in office last week after a landslide election victory in December.

The bill allowing him to enact laws by decree is expected to win final approval easily in the assembly next week on its second reading.


I find the following IRC channels useful:


I went looking at blogs to steal ideas. I noticed a great deal of drivel. Many nut cases fluffing their entries to the point they've confused themselves. Kind of like a gang of thugs talking themselves into something no sane person would do on their own. Religion does something to a persons brain.

Movie Review: Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures

One story he goes to the moon. Next his dog is framed for kidnapping sheep. Last he catches a stealing penguin. The movie isn't about the plot so much as it's about a stereotypical English way of life. It gets old quickly and I don't recommend it. Had to pause it several times.

Movie Review: For Roseanna

Had an interesting twist at the end. Didn't see it coming at all. The settings flooded me with memories. The main character was over acted in my opinion though it's possible. It makes me think about my current way of life versus how it could have been. Did I make the right choice moving back to America? Would I have been better off in a small village where everybody knows everybody? Where the cemetery is full of history? I just don't know. I might want to watch this movie again and again.

Movie Review: Crank

It was an interesting movie if for no other reason than the hero dies. The hero isn't some good guy either. I wouldn't want to see it again but I rate it highly. A must see.
Basically the hero is given a poison that has no antidote. He'll die within the hour unless he keeps his adrenaline pumping. While he's seeking revenge his intensity is contrasted with the idiocy that abounds on a daily basis.

SQL Tips:

Creates a new db:

  • createdb db_mississippi

Creates a user:
  • createuser tom_sawyer

To get to psql:
  • sudo bash
  • su postgresql
  • psql