Saturday, July 5, 2008

NPR, the land of pansies

NPR is full of pansies who don't have the moral fortitude to say no to their own children. When was the last time you heard a controversial opinion from anybody there? Instead they tow the administrations line in their passive non-aggressive style. They are afraid to stick their heads up and get swatted. I suppose that's what happened with Bob Edwards. He had balls and said no and they fired him a day before his pension was to kick in. Apparently the Bush administrator that got hired to oversee NPR did have balls and knew that nobody else at NPR would stick up for Bob Edwards. He was right.

So why listen to NPR now? They tow the administrations line. It's just one lie after another and is no better than any of the other "news sources" you might watch on television. Perhaps a little less about police blotter and who's divorcing who. But it's not much better. There's very little reason to listen to their lies. They do talk about more important subjects. You can basically get an idea of what some of the important subjects are and the politically correct propaganda you are suppose to believe about them by listening to NPR. But to get the real information you need to listen to something that's not controlled by the Bush administration. Say

I guess I'm ranting because NPR is 24x7 whereas is 1x5. Where can one go to get real information on the world? It's tough living in the English speaking world where propaganda is the rule rather than the exception.

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