Monday, June 9, 2008

More Pension Problems

NPR has a propaganda article on Morning Edition about pensions:

Book Examines Looming Pension Debts in America

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Morning Edition, June 9, 2008 · Business journalist Roger Lowenstein's new book, While America Aged, looks at how corporations and governments came to make pension and health care obligations to workers and what is happening as the bills come due. Host Renee Montagne talks about the book with Lowenstein.

Here they talk about how pensions are keeping America back and uncompetitive in a world market. At the very end she quotes from the book that pensions are responsible for a huge long list from seemingly fat people, San Diego's budget, to all American business.

Now lets stop with the stupid American idiocy and look at what pensions really are. Every employee pays into this fund and the company pays you less because they also paid into the pension plan. Unfortunately most companies decided never to pay into a fund. And they certainly did not separate these accounts from their own financial accounts. So if they go bankrupt all the money owed to the employees goes poof. Pension plans in America were just another way of ripping off the workers.

The solution? Use propaganda to make people think pension plans are left over from socialistic unions that have no part in a lean and mean competitive America.

Soon we'll be seeing our schools de-funded even more, most of our highways that are actually useable will become toll roads, all government services will charge, and the propaganda machines working our matrix will keep people distracted with reality shows and sports so people don't think about these sort of things.

And they'll be working our matrix with the help of NPR as seen above.

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