Thursday, August 30, 2007

M$ FUD machine's death throes

I will never go back to M$. Everything is better or equivalent to M$ with Ubuntu. I think M$ realizes this and is doing everything they possibly can to stir up some interest in their POS OS. Good luck to them but it's too late. Nothing they can do, short of paying every hardware vendor not to write drivers for Ubuntu, will stop Ubuntu from rolling over them.

On August 23, Microsoft pulled plug on the “Get the Facts” site, replacing it with a new Windows Server “Compare” site.

The goal of the site is to offer more in-depth information and customer-to-customer opinions about many of the issues IT administrators face,” a company spokeswoman said. “It turns out people wanted 3rd party validation in addition to people’s experiences making OS purchasing decisions so in addition to customer case studies, research reports that compare platforms the site will also offer guidance around best practices, web casts, etc.”

Get the Facts had a long and controversial role in Microsoft’s battle against open-source software vendors. Recently, it came to light that Microsoft tried to influence some of the analysts it hired to perform studies in 2002 comparing Windows and Linux to portray Microsoft offerings in a more favorable light. Microsoft’s whole policy of sponsoring analysts to conduct studies comparing its products to open-source ones — which many company observers believed would naturally show Microsoft products and strategies to be superior — had been a bone of contention since the site launched at the start of this decade.

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