Monday, August 13, 2007

The Microsoft FUD machine

While on a linux site I came across an obnoxious M$ advert. I followed it to here M$ FUD and wondered. M$ does seem to be winning many markets. Just look at China for example. The Chinese were big on Linux. However M$ came in, offered them Vista for $0.05 a copy along with back doors for the government to spy the users with, and now China is 90% M$. What gets me is nobody considers selling M$ Vista for a nickel as dumping. Same thing is also happening with web servers. That is M$ is winning market ground. I don't know how it is possible considering Apache and Linux are the cats meow.

Maybe it's a good thing. Keeping users thinking it is too expensive, too complicated, etc., to ever attempt to learn. This makes for a world that anybody can make a good profit in. Oh well. What the heck. It's as evil as religion. I want nothing to do with it.

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