Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PHP PEAR Console/Getopt.php

I am new to PHP though I've been using it off and on for years. PHP has a library of standard code much like all mature languages. Experienced coders like to build solid programs built around these standards. So I figured I would start using the command line get options library and start using standardized UNIX argument conventions. Unfortunately the PHP libraries are really quite immature. Sure it may be my environment. I'm using the latest release of Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn, so the version of PHP should be quite current but maybe it is not. Here's what I discovered:

1) The Console/Getopt.php does not pass the static tests if you turn error reporting on. What the hell? Do the developers write code and ignore the errors or do they even have error reporting turned on?! The pimply bozo developers need some maturity. To get around this I turned on the error reporting after including their libraries and calling their code. These kids who developed the code need a father figure to guide them.

2) There are no robust code examples or documentation on the PEAR site for this library. These script kiddies couldn't be bothered apparently.

3) If upper or mixed case keywords are used their libraries blow up with recursive stack problems. So basically their code will make your code look totally unprofessional the first time the user makes a typo.

I was going to post some bugs on the PEAR site but I don't want to be associated with this product. Instead I'll put a routine together that runs daily to test the code. If the code ever gets updated I'll get notification when the script runs. In the meantime these bozos who developed the library will hopefully mature.

!/usr/bin/php -q
require_once 'Console/Getopt.php';

$short_opts = "hf::";
$long_opts = array('help', 'file==');
$con = new Console_Getopt;
$args = $con->readPHPArgv();
$prog = array_shift($args);
$options = $con->getopt2($args, $short_opts, $long_opts);
ini_set("display_errors", 'On');
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

foreach ($options[0] as $option) {
printf("%3d %s=>%s\n", __LINE__, $options[0], $option);
switch ($option[0]) {
case 'h':
case '--help':
case 'f':
case '--file':
printf("%3d %s=>%s\n", __LINE__, $options[0], $option);

function usage($prog) {
$usage = <<Usage: $prog [OPTIONS]
Serves as a skeleton example to be modified as needed
-f, --file=FILE Name of file
-h, --help Display usage



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