Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blankets and Trailers

Today I hear news that the trailers given to the Katrina victims to live in need to be destroyed because they have 5x more formaldehyde than the limit. These are the people the Republicans said, paraphrasing, "God removed those we've been trying to get rid of for decades". The insurance companies in most cases found excuses or delayed until the insured gave up. The Government was even worse. Now a few years later people have forgotten the whole mess. And so the trailers are scheduled to be destroyed and the victims thrown out. This organized governmental mean-spiritedness knows no bounds. Not even when we gave smallpox laced blankets to the Indians in the hopes of killing them were we so mean spirited. This new level of politics is so self destructive you'd think we've been invaded by another country bent on destroying us. Do our politicians get in to office because everybody is too scared to counter these disgusting bullies?

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