Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fidel Castro Vs Barak Obama

So Obama came out swinging saying he'll continue the embargo on Cuba. Stating it was totally undemocratic and unfair what Cuba has done to generations. I guess he forgot what the USA did to them up until Castro took back the country. Up until then the USA killed and abused the country as if they were a slave race. Fidel after hearing Obama spewing merely stated that despite Obama being the most progressive farsighted presidential candidate in 2008 he is still lacking. That prescribing the continuation of the embargo will ensure more suffering and hunger for Cuba.

Fidel seems to call most trends accurately long before they happen. Probably better than me. For instance a few years back he accurately described the problems with biofuel. Unfortunately any time he steps in and pontificates it's usually about something he has little control over. America merely stands up and says Fidel is crazy and contradicts him. Now however it's obvious to most people biofuel has caused world hunger and has not helped the green movement at all.

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