Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 3rd party presidential candidates

So we've got Hillary, McCain, and Obama. All of which will continue the war in Iraq for years and years. There policies are all remarkably the same despite their images. Their images are McCain will be there for 100 years and beyond. Hillary as carrying on the current policy. And Obama to leave. Looking closely you'll see they all say, in the fine print, they'll be there as long as needed and have no intention of leaving soon.

There are alternatives. Like Ralph Nader and tens of others. As can be seen at,_2008

The press will never give much if any press coverage to anybody but the Democrats and Republicans which they get their money from. You have to read up on these 3rd party candidates. Until people start voting for what they are really interested in, which they don't have the time for, we'll continue to get lobbyist owned Democrats and Republicans.

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