Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hilary and her June statements

Hilary keeps talking about how her Husband did not show signs of winning until June. When she's not mentioning that she is talking about how Kennedy was killed in June. That it would be premature to admit defeat a month before June. That the race is far from over as shown in the above two examples.

I have not heard any political pundits talk about how baseless her claims are because of most of the States across the nation have moved up their elections to the first half of the year. It's like comparing the amount of gold $10 could have bought you in 1840 with the gold it could buy you on todays market. You can't compare the 10ozs of gold $10 would buy then to the 1/1000 oz of gold $10 would buy now. So June of yesteryear probably had 1/3 of the delegates still up for grab. Probably the same number of delegates that would have been up for grab in say March of this current election.

Hilary really missed her calling. With all the lies and reality distortions coming out of her campaign and mouth she really should be running on the Republican side. Following Bush's lead. In fact she should have waited until the weak Democrats made fools of themselves for a term or two and then ran as a Republican. Following in the footsteps of the "greats" like Reagan and Bush. She would have fit right in!

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