Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sleazy Ass Democratic Party

Fuck the Democrats. What a pile of shit. Worthless shit at that.

So the Democratic party told Michigan and Florida they were not allowed to move up their elections. Who knows the reason but it's their camp and they can do as they please. They probably told other States the same thing. However Florida and Michigan decided they'd do it anyways despite being told their votes would not count.

So the Democratic Party then warned the candidates not to campaign. Hilary decided to do put her name on the ballot and campaign anyways. Barak did not campaign though somebody put his name on the ballot in Florida but not Michigan. Barak honored the Democratic Patry rules. Obviously Hilary won in those two states and she made a big deal about it holding press conferences. You'd have thought at this point the Democratic party would have punished her.

Now with Hilary way behind she has been making a big stink about how unfair it is not to count these States. So what does the Democratic party do? They decide to count these states and give her half the votes.

Still she'll be far behind Barak. This keeps her in a little longer. Yet it shows just how weak and worthless the Democratic party is. They are spineless.

There are positives though. Several in fact. These immediately come to mind:

1) She will eat up probably 50 million more of her personal fortune. Hopefully leaving her broke.

2) It makes the Democratic party out to be totally spineless.

3) Hilary, basically another Joseph Libermann, will be ruined politically and never again threaten to hold political office.

Asta la vista bitch.

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