Monday, September 24, 2007


Alan Greenspan talks on DemocracyNow.Org today at

He says kids in America do well compared to the rest of the worlds kids. However by the time they are in 12th grade they are far far behind the rest of the world. His solution is to let in all the better educated people in the world so the wages of skilled people can go down to the level found in third world countries. This is good capitalism according to him.

Why don't we better our educational system? And why is it good to lower the wages of higher skilled people to that of third world nations? Who gains by this? CEOs? I don't get it.

No wonder Wall Street loved this guy. He seems to be saying it's ok to rape America. No wonder CEOs started at 40x the average salaries pay and now makes over 400x the average employees.

Apparently this guy talks about how he would talk gibberish to the press for his entire time in office so nobody could take him apart. Why can't we immediately get rid of people who make no sense and replace them with people who do. Maybe Greenspan is responsible for most of the countries downfall...

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