Friday, September 21, 2007

Gutsy entrails, i.e., the shit

I have been hearing lots of bad things about Ubuntu's latest release. This article, which I haven't yet read, may be summarizing them.

I hear the next release will have fancy windows that giggle when moved. Well, use compiz by default, and lots of other foo foo bullshit, uh nerdshit, turned on by default. Having hung around the Ubuntu IRC channels I expect the worst in this release. Ubuntu is run by a bunch of kids who for the most part don't know how to use vi, edit a web page directly, and think reading Hex would make them cool beyond their wildest dreams. Few have experience coding in C or C++ or any other language. In other words they are losers who only know how to use high level applications. Hopefully they have added some functionality but I fear it will only be UI crap that hopefully can be turned off.

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