Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mission Bay Boat Race

This weekend they have blocked off most all beaches facing the bay. Putting up fences and forcing people to pay to get in. I did not realize it was possible to do this. Yet as I biked around the bay and through Fiesta Island most all the beaches facing the race were blocked with fences. Despite this the sounds of huge boat engines blotted out even the road noise of all the big SUVs with their RVs towed behind. So many flags too. They all seemed to have big beer bellies and have families so fat and ugly you'd think they'd want to do something other than put lawn chairs up and watch boats race. I don't really get it. Despite their poor physical health and taste they must be doing something right financially to be able to afford all the play toys they have. Big RVs and pickup trucks to haul them along with the assorted toys don't come cheap.

The saddest thing about these slobs and their wasteful ways are what they do to the native birds. I lost count of the injured seagulls with broken wings hiding away from the tourists who damaged them. I wish the people who organized the races would pay for the care of these birds. Judging from the crowd though they'd more than likely just break the birds necks and throw them in the dumpsters justifying it by saying they are mercy killing the birds.

Maybe these spectators are in some way the best of what America has to offer. I just don't get it though.

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