Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iPhone Nerds

The news today is all about Apple updating the firmware to prevent people from hacking their gadgets. Apparently hacked iPhones will turn into expensive bricks and Apple is bragging about that. Then there are teams of lawyers who say this may be illegal. Naturally. And iPhone hacker teams saying it's ok, they'll figure out a hack for the firmware.

Don't these people have something better to do? Even if you were a nerd and turned on by iPhones don't you have other things to do? Why support Apple? Why not support the free linux iPhone versions. Then you can modify you nerd toy to do useful things without paying that evil empire called Apple a cent. And if you say MS is the evil company just remember they own Apple. Kind of like the lobbyists own the Democrats and Republicans. So can you guys just get out of my face? I don't want to see anything more about iPhones.

While looking through the news today I saw this article too.,1000002000,39289595,00.htm

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