Sunday, November 11, 2007

Movie Ideas

While in blockbusters waiting in line I watched the preview of "Back To The Future" on the monitors. I noticed how the kid was way cooler than the parent and that this theme probably always plays out to the younger movie going generation. Here the kid goes back in time and helps out his dad, who is now the same age as the kid, get past his peeping tom tendencies and bad case of nerdishness.

Now lets grab the idea by the ears and flip it upside down. How about the parent invents the time machine. Much more likely. And how about the parent knows much more than the stupid kid. Again much more likely. How about the parent goes back in time, brings his younger self back to the future, in the hopes of his cool younger self helping out his stupid kids.

Plot complications? Hmmm. Having a kid who is cool and follows the rules could be very entertaining. Imagine the kid who implicitly trusts the parent. By following the parents choice he keeps avoiding the problems his "relative" falls into. On the other hand he has the freedom to make the individual choices that make him "cool" and popular. This could, with enough imagination, be made in to a fantastic movie. Maybe a series...

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