Tuesday, November 13, 2007

www.1and1.com bad support and tricks

Ok, so I have now got two domain names with www.1and1.com and some experience with them.

First off they required me to call them to verify I was who I was. That was ok. I like them to be thorough. I spoke with a guy who sounded like he was gargling the whole time. He was polite and understood what he was talking about though.

Today I called tech support because I could not get a second mail account going for my second domain name. This time the support was an Indian lady who hadn't a fucking clue technically and very limited verbal skills. She was one of those yes people who always said yes and then started talking about something else. I kept telling her to stop and listen to the words I said. That she needed to understand the customer instead of rambling. And her rambles I could not understand either. She'd start going on with words so badly mis pronounced I had to ask her to spell them. Her name was Jeraline (sp?) Jacalan. She kept trying though I kept asking for a supervisor or somebody who spoke English and had a technical clue. Finally I got somebody else despite her best efforts to be a hindrance.

The next guy tried to shove me down the road of only one email account per customer despite the customer owning multiple domains. I explained to him that I wanted a 2GB email account for each domain name I purchased. He kept playing stupid but eventually told me I had to transfer ownership of my second domain to a new account. And that because it was being done internally I could disregard the $7 charge the web page makes you agree to. I don't trust him so I'll check at the end of the month my bill. (He said he'd check it himself in a few hours and correct it but I don't trust him.)

So then I get an email stating I have to do a few additional steps. The email makes no sense what so ever. Written by somebody who doesn't understand English obviously. Or maybe understands English but has not got a fucking clue. I tried improvising as best I could but nothing was similar to what was described in the email. I'll call tomorrow morining when I have the time to go through the hold pattern again.

Well, godaddy did have excellent american speaking technical support. Their web admin site could have been better but it worked. As long as you logged in with windows and IE. (They later fixed it.) However I will never go back to them. I hate Bush too much to ever give business to a rabid Bush supporter like the owner of godaddy is...

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