Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newegg doesn't carry server boards?

I went looking through their site,, trying to find MBs with 64GB ram support. Nothing. Went looking for 32GB ram support. I found only 4 boards. I looked at each of these 4 boards. They all had just 4 memory slots! Like I'd waste my money buying 8GB memory cards, if they are even available, at astronomical prices. I want to buy my memory at the sweet spot which appears to be 2GB sticks. And I want ECC ram. So I want lots of memory slots on my next board. I left them a message saying something similar to what I've said here. That they have a product gap basically and they probably don't want to miss that market. I'll see what they have to say if they ever reply. I don't know if I'd want the s5400sf unless it were more than $250. I think that's my cutoff. Maybe they'll figure out some better solution with a CPU combo or something that makes my life easy. I'm confused when it comes to what works with what.

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