Sunday, November 11, 2007 much better than

One of the emails I received full of veterans propaganda was from This set me off. I did a search on this company and discovered the owner is a right wing war hawk. So I went looking for alternatives thinking I would have to pay more and get less to avoid this nut case...

... Not at all. Much to my surprise offers much more at a much better price. For instance with a .biz domain name you get:
Private domain registration free instead of having to pay $7
You get ICANN free instead of paying $.20
You get 2,000MBs of email space instead of only 25MBs for free
You get the domain name for either $3 or $7 rather than a flat $10.

I don't know if 1and1 are right wing war hawks but a quick google search didn't find anything about them. I think I'll get a new domain name from 1and1 and try it out. I'll do another search on their political views first. If they aren't war hawks I'll move all my domain names to them.

I did another google search and found nothing. I did find that godaddy advertises in football games. And they do sexy adverts that get banned. I kind of like them but oh well. I don't like their political views.

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