Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

Well it's that time of the year again. We all have to put up with emails and broadcast propaganda about why we should support our vets. It's not like the vets did anything but support our crooked politicians help their parent lobbyist companies get rich. I don't normally encourage that type of thing. It used to be they were drafted and had no choice. I could have sympathy for that. However that's not the case for most of the vets these days. And if they were at some point forced to join they can now quit at any point they want. Sure they might get a "dishonorable discharge" but should they give a damn. They should just say they are gay and get kicked out. Plain and simple. They could then run up a flag saying gay, proud, and discharged because of it and stand tall. But due to greed and such they stay in. Not my problem. And I certainly have no plans on supporting them. The older generation should have taken care of themselves by now and do not need my help. Again it's not my problem.

Sure I feel sorry for all the poor and badly educated kids who go in to the armed forces. However I can't be responsible for everybody. Let the politicians do something useful and keep these kids out. Put them in to college for free. Put them in programs that actually help America. Not bring it down.

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