Friday, October 5, 2007

Evil Religion: Death Penalty

According to democracy now there are some 30 or so states that "still have the death penalty". They were talking about how these people on death row are there unfairly. That the drugs they use to kill these unfairly convicted people are inhumanly painful and how these states are going to delay further executions.

I see no reason for killing these people in a painful manner. Why not just kill them with carbon monoxide so they just go to sleep comfortably and never wake up. Why is this so difficult. This is probably due to bible thumpers wanting to punish.

The next problem I see is how corrupt our system is. Our judicial system is totally corrupt. It needs a total overhaul. Unfortunately it's the bible thumpers that just want to hate that keeps this system going.

The last problem is the prison system. The prison system is just like the military industrial complex. It has a big lobby that keeps itself going. The people who run it can act like mini-gods and they don't have to do anything to keep the money going. It's to their benefit not to kill people, if we were able to find people deserving death, and keep their prisons filled. We need to change the system so people who cheat others are put in jobs that pay back our society. Say cleaning beaches, highways, etc.. Not something that just keeps a prison system going. However they are using religion to keep from executing people so that they can have fuller prison systems and make more money. Again religion is the problem.

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