Friday, October 26, 2007

Where will the war on terror go?

We had the war on drugs, the war on education, the war on blah blah blah. Now the figure they can get their kicks on the so called war-on-terror. All of these wars start with lots of fan fare but the fizzle. This one could be different but will it?

Here's why it may not continue. The public is fed up with us torturing people. Everybody is aware of how Bush and company has made a fool of our country. There hasn't been one successful case against any of the terrorists. That I'm aware of. This week the latest group of terrorists were exonerated. Again it was our government lying to us. We can't afford to continue. When the democrats take power their funding will be dropped. There are more important things for us to do. Like fix our educational system, our courts, our streets, our economy. All these factors conspire against the real terrorists, our country, continuing their evil ways against the world.

So in about 4 more years this mess should dry up and we will start working on getting ourselves out of the big economic depression we will be in.

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