Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Evil Within

I just listened to Diane Rehm interview Cheney's wife. This evil witch is the perfect example of what has taken over the World. She sounds so down to earth and reasonable. By gosh she's just a hard working person who believes in no fences and blue skies.

She says she is the balance. That NPR funding should be cut because they are not balanced. That who could have imagined no more attacks after 9/11 but thanks to men like her husband there have not been any. That Saddam harbored terrorists within Iraq. We did the right thing going in to Iraq. That the justifications we used to get into Iraq were not skewed. She does all this lying with sincere sounding integrity. However anybody who knows the facts knows she is lying through her teeth. She's the holier than thou preacher who leads the KKK at night. Or in this case the preachers wife.

But with America unwilling to remember what was said before only the latest round of bold faced lies will be believed. And as long as everybody is stuck in the rat race they don't have time to stop and think about just what was said before and note all the contradictions. It's all about how sincere and persuasive you can spin lies. No need to worry about fact checking. So we will have to tolerate more Hitlers, Cheneys, and future blights on humanity in the future.

When will history look back and sadly point out it was Cheney who was responsible for the deaths of some million Iraqis. The mass exodus of probably 5 million Iraqis to other countries. And the robbing of our governmentss treasury to make a few very rich CEOs even richer.

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