Friday, October 19, 2007

Raid market wide open

I like Ubuntu as my primary OS. However lots of things are not supported well. Like RAID cards. Sure my 3Ware card *works*. However that's about it. None of the fancy software to configure the disks and monitor their health works with Ubuntu. If I want to do something I have to write a host of utilities to issue and parse their low level command api. I probably should do that but I don't. Instead I reboot the system and use the bios to check things. I am not pleased.

So I was thinking of buying a new card. One with better Ubuntu support. Real Ubuntu support. I decided I'd find every manufacturer and search their website for the word Ubuntu. Out of the 9 sites only 2 had the word Ubuntu on their site. 3Ware and Adaptec. You'd think one of these 9 companies would realize that if they catered to the 3rd largest market out there, behind M$ and Apple, they'd get lots of money.

It seems to me if I were to take the time to make a nice interface to the 3ware card and market it I'd make oodles of money. I'll just store that idea here and maybe come back to it at sometime in the future.

Here are the URLs for anybody interested in checking out how badly RAID card manufacturers support Ubuntu. You might want to bookmark them all as a single tabbed entry so you can pull up the entire bunch in one click to easily monitor any changes:



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