Thursday, October 18, 2007

If I had a news show

I would not show any talking heads. These freaks that dominate our news make me puke. And the bullshit that comes out of their mouths makes me immediately switch. Not only that but the material they cover is not important. I don't care about what they think is important.

Now if I did a news show I'd have insightful information. I'd divide the screen into four sections. The top left would be the latest news. Below that would be a one line summary heading and below that the text of what the person was saying. So you wouldn't have to have the volume up. On the right hand side I'd have the opposing view. And the bottom square would be the summary and text.

So if Bush is saying he doesn't know why Congress would bring up the Turkish genocide 90 years later other than as a political move to undermine his presidency I'd show it on the left hand side. On the right hand side I'd have him giving his campaign promises that if he were elected president the first thing he'd do would be to condemn Turkey and label their atrocities a mass genocide.

Most of today's political news could be handled like this. Showing what they are saying now on the left and what they promised on the right. I bet this would leave the bible thumpers who are too fucking stupid to remember yesterday or any facts flabbergasted. Maybe they might be so disgusted they would do the right thing and kick these politicians out of office forever.

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