Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane

This was such a horrible movie. I like Samuel Jackson but he's not enough to make anything good. Snakes on a Plane was just about the fear of snakes. So lots of suspense about things like getting bit in private parts while having sex in the bathroom. While holding a baby. Or a poor little doggy taking the bite while courageously fending snakes off the airhead owner. If this isn't scary enough they progressively make things worse. The plane has to go through a storm. When this gets boring then have the snakes unplug the avionics. Bite the pilots. Keep everbody off balance and flying through the cabin to turn up on the floor face-to-face with... Lose the lights! Blow a hole in the plane. Etc. You get the idea. It tries to push all the buttons and progrssively work through every angle. I only watched it because it's a cult movie and figured if Jackson was in it then it had to be a bit classy. Wrong! I feel so bad about wasting my time. Even though I ended up fast forwarding through it. Perhaps it's a good movie for little kids on dates. It gives them an excuse to reach out and touch...

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