Saturday, January 20, 2007

Movie Review: Le Samourai

Looks like it took place in Paris during the 60s or 70s. A young thin guy plays an assassin who seems to have it all. Kind of like a James Bond on the wrong side. The movie is one big bad plot. He steals duck-mobiles, french peugots, for use to get to the various places. For some strange reason they are always unlocked and alway use one of about 5 keys. (Though he has a keyring of about 100.) He takes the cars to a place that is always waiting for him that switches license plates. Again unrealistic. He kills the guy in his office and there are numerous witnesses. Why would any intelligent person expose himself? He has a psycho bird that loses feathers when strangers come around. Kind of like a canary for sniffing gas. Again it would have been much more realistic to just set the place up so you could see if somebody had been there. Turns out he has some sort of magical ability to find a bug in the place within seconds anyways if he's warned ahead of time by his canary. He always manages to take away another assassins gun even when he's unarmed. He can tell when somebody is tailing him because he once again has some unworldly power out of a comic book. On the other side of the inconsistencies he's able to deduce things which is enjoyable to watch. The strong points of the movie is it's in French and has a lot of scenery to bring memories back. Kind of like watching Miami Vice for the colors. It was a cheesey movie done with French flair and understatement almost saving it.

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