Friday, January 26, 2007

Movie Review: Relative Strangers

Stars: 0.
Another movie churning Disney style humor. The recipe quit working a long time ago. It is interesting to see Neve Campbell turn to blubber as each year goes by. To get an idea of what I mean look at her upper arm in the DVD cover. I was kind of feeling for the guy, a doc in anger management, until I remember a mixed doubles match where my opponents were an anger management doc and his wife. He came off so genteel before the game. Conducting a little meeting with us about how they played utterly fair. By the end of the match he was screaming at his wife and hogging all the balls telling his wife to stay in the corner and not hit any balls. With that experience in mind I enjoyed seeing this anger management doctor lose it. Too bad he was made out to be a good guy at the end of the movie. What do you expect out of a Disney movie though...

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