Friday, January 19, 2007

EC snubs Microsoft

The future is here and Microsoft is not part of it. We've mpe got the European Commission, India, China, and all third world countries lusting after Linux to avoid M$. I'm betting Ubuntu will become the dominant OS shortly and in 10 years M$ will be a bad memory. Now it's all about VMWare, shared storage, redundant load balanced connections for useful apps to handle VoIP, home media, security, and automation.

The European Commission has added its voice to the debate about the use of open source software.

A report funded by the Commission concludes that the software could offer considerable savings to organisations with little effect on their business.

The report found that in "almost all" cases long-term costs could be reduced by switching from proprietary software produced by firms such as Microsoft.

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"The Hindu, a leading national newspaper, reports that the Communist government of Kerala (the state with the highest literacy rate in India) has announced its all-out support for FOSS in the draft IT policy announced yesterday. The draft also calls for preferential treatment for companies coming forward to work in the FOSS domain.