Saturday, January 20, 2007

Movie Review: Bandidas

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek play two sassy Mexican women out to save Mexico in much the same style as Zorro. It's a horrible movie. Made for kids who lust after women with boobs and no brains. I'm surprised Penelope Cruz suffered through this. Is she trying to destroy her career? It was filmed in 2006 and there's no reason for a star of her stature to start a career in B rated soft porn movies.

The movies all about the two girls and their looks. So lets delve into their looks. Salma Hayek, the co-star, has hips that are so wide they look like they belong on the under side of a spider. Penelope Cruz's body is much better but her face is aging though her big white eyes are beautiful. Both girls are made to look like they have lots of cleavage. They might give Dolly Parton competition in a fly squashing contest. You know, shrugging their shoulders to kill passing flies between their breats. Maybe they can find some men with big arms and little brains to appreciate them.

I'm half tempted to look up how well this movie did and the excuses Penelope gives for ahvign done the movie.

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