Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Review: Big Love, the complete first season.

I couldn't make it through a single episode. So I have no idea whether it picked up as the season progressed. It's about a Mormon man with three wives. A twisted hallmark card. Where you have the slow moving oh so righteous idiots matched up against the normal righteous idiots who have written the laws in America like 1 man to 1 wife. So one set condemning the other. I was disgusted because I have no desire to get involved with either set. Things like marriage, the military, casinos are all great institutions to help Darwin's theory out. They are non mandatory traps for those who can't think straight.

Why do people want to get married? So they can live unhappily ever after? If a guy or girl wants multiple partners then let em. Who wants to stick their nose into other peoples business? Not me. If they want to get married. Let them. If they want to marry four people of the opposite sex and 3 of the same sex... let em.

Oh wait. It's much harder to tax people in relationships like that. Got it.

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