Friday, January 19, 2007

Judy blue eyes?

According to this New Scientis article Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women Blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women because:

Because men with blue eyes are drawn towards blue-eyed women, and prefer to choose them as their partner because this can provide reassurance that the woman's babies are theirs too.
I just don't get it. Have they ever heard of DNA testing? Is it the man that chooses the women? Perhaps it's the other way around? Perhaps it's just happenstance based on geography. Are we going to start saying Chinese, Indians, etc., choose based on similar criteria? There are many much better explanations. Birds of a feather do flock together. People are much more comfortable with mates having common interests. I recommend this author read other articles written by colleagues, such as this one Folic acid supplements rejuvenate older brains and start downing pills. This is a good example why everybody should always question everything. Though I'm completely at a loss with what I would question first on this one...

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