Friday, July 13, 2007

Rechargeable products done right.

I'm very tired of products that come with batteries and battery chargers built in to them. The problem is battery memories. When charged all of the time they end up losing half their capacity in about a year and need replacing after 3 years. In our consumer oriented disposable life style this is considered a plus. It gets customers to keep on buying new products every three years. Like the car industry. I of course have problems with this.

We need a battery compliance standard. A logo to be put on products that conform to this standard. And this standard should include the following:
1) The batteries must be standard sizes easily found at stores.
2) The batteries must be rechargable. (Yes redundant, but should be said.)
3) The batteries must be easily accessible and without tools.
4) There must be two battery compartments. When one battery goes completely dead then and only then do you start to use the other battery while the dead battery charges.
5) The charged battery is kept topped off after charging.
6) More to be added as I think of them.

With a system like this the batteries should last 10years to life. Of course the manufactures like Apple with their iPods and iPhones would never go for it. Along with all the other sleazy companies taking advantage of dumb consumers. However this is what is needed.

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