Sunday, July 8, 2007

Movie Review: Black Snake Moan

A very good movie.

Samuel Jackson used his signature "Mother Fucking Nigger" type lines but not too often. I think some stars must be so tired of saying things like "I'll be back", or "I feel good", or "Can't get no", and Jackson is probably in the same rut.

However here it is kept to a minimum as he portrays a salt of the earth senior farmer part time blues singer. His wife who had always treated him horribly finally runs off with a younger man leaving him depressed and rudderless. A young little white girl, the town slut, is beaten and left for dead near his farm. He helps her recover and in the process recovers himself.

Some of the dramatic parts are chaining her up so she doesn't run off in her drug induced deliriums. I'm sure that has got many feminists riled and up in arms. With them, perhaps rightfully, pointing out this sets a bad precedent with all the young idiotic men that it's ok to tie up women because the guys know best. Here though it was done with class. What's more I'm tired of everybody being PC. We need more movies that are not afraid to be un PC like this one.

All in all this is an uplifting movie that should be watched by all.

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