Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunshine Could Help Prevent Cancer and Diabetes

I guess like everything, moderation and variation are key to life. Get too much sun you get cancer. Get too little and you get cancer. I guess I'll continue to run or swim without my shirt for about an hour every day.

A San Diego researcher says that sunshine could be important in preventing many cancers and Type I diabetes. UC San Diego professor Cedric Garland thinks a high level of sunshine-produced Vitamin D is a key way help the body fight a host of serious diseases.

Garland: 25 hydroxy Vitamin D, which is a metabolite of Vitamin D, should be regularly measured in the blood.

Garland says five to 10 minutes of daily exposure to sunlight is enough to produce the required amount of Vitamin D. He says people can also take tablets to boost Vitamin D levels. Garland presented his findings Tuesday at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting in San Diego.

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