Friday, July 20, 2007 is an excellent starting point to educate oneself out of the Matrix. There's not much, if anything, I disagree with in this flick. It describes an old paradigm which unfortunately describes the past and present world accurately. The new world order will no longer revolve around this archaic system. Religion will die out shortly like it is in most of the world except America. And quality of life, perhaps eternal life through genetics, is replacing the need for obscene wealth and power. Within the next 50 years life will change dramatically.

However for the time being the movie should be watched. We have nut case dynastic families, like the Bush's, making money through war and lies. Nothing new here. Understanding why things are working allows you to model it. After you know what TV, religion, patriotism, etc., leads you don't get caught up in any of it. You can concentrate on what is really important.

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