Monday, July 9, 2007

NYC cameras

Why in the world does anybody want to live in NYC? It's like the shit hole of the modern world. You want fancy towns you need to go to the orient. If you want a broken down cess pool of noise, smells, and crap then you go to NYC. But what the heck. Anybody stupid enough to live there needs to be monitored. And they'll soon be doing just that. is reporting that a security system modeled after London's "Ring of Steel" is coming to New York City. The plan, to include license plate readers and over 3,000 public and private security cameras, aims to aid officials in tracking and catching criminals. "But critics question the plan's efficacy and cost, as well as the implications of having such heavy surveillance over such a broad swath of the city. [...] The license plate readers would check the plates' numbers and send out alerts if suspect vehicles were detected. The city is already seeking state approval to charge drivers a fee to enter Manhattan below 86th Street, which would require the use of license plate readers. If the plan is approved, the police will most likely collect information from those readers too, Kelly said."

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