Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tour De France

I can't say I'm sorry to see this event die. All the news seems to be about how nobody is watching it. That everybody has tuned out because they don't want to see dopers.

I'd like to see this taken to another level. For instance I don't want to see the biking event in triathlons. Yep, take it out, get rid of it. Biking ruins the sport. It weeds out the people who can't afford a high priced bike and it is responsible for the deaths and hospitalization of numerous others. Bikes should be removed.

This is not likely to happen though. Bike companies would never allow it. So we need to start a new sport. The late Jim McCain, the head of the largest triathlon club in the world, started a new event called the Aquathon. An Aquathon consists of just the running and swimming.

I'd go one step further though and do away with wetsuits, goggles, and shoes. We need a sport where money doesn't buy you anything!

Ideally the sport would consist of a swim that would take about an hour and a run that would take about two hours. It would be done on a low tide day where the beaches would be open for miles.

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